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Serving children and adults with disabilities, supporting veterans, and strengthening the community since 1988.

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Our adaptive (therapeutic) riding, hippotherapy, and equine-assisted services provide support and opportunities for children and adults with physical and mental disabilities.

We offer the following programs. Click any link to learn more:

All classes are held on our property located near Swisher, Iowa. To see our current equine partners, check out the Our Horses page.

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You can adopt a Miracles horse. This program offers one-on-one horse time and other perks in return for your monthly pledge. Click here to learn more.

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Miracles in Motion is run by a group of dedicated individuals who invest time, resources, care, and other support to serve our community through vital, therapeutic services.


Volunteers: When you become a Miracles volunteer, you not only make a measurable impact for good, you join a group of like-minded, generous folks who provide each other with a system of support and encouragement.


Donations: Our 77-acre property, ADA-accessible facilities, adaptive equipment, and therapy horses require regular care and maintenance. Monetary donations of any size are so very appreciated.


It was unknown if he would survive birth. As a baby he missed every single milestone. Then Nathan found Miracles:

"The first year, we saw him start to passively engage with his environment. The second year, he started to actively engage things and animals. The third year, he started talking with real words and sentences. ... After each ride he is calmer and more attentive for days."

Nathan has been attending therapy at Miracles since he 2.5 years old. He is now a teenager.

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The third year, he started talking with real words and sentences.