Our therapy horses are so important to us and have a difficult job to do – provide a safe experience to our special riders. We are at the point where we could consider an additional horse for our herd. We only accept geldings 8 years old or older. The particular horse we need should be sound with no degenerative conditions and on the shorter side.

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Donations is adoptable! Click here for your chance to support Miracles and forge a special relationship at the same time.

If you have or know of a possible horse to fit our needs, please fill out the form linked in the paragraph below or contact

Miracles will evaluate the horse on the donor's property and, if the horse is accepted, bring the horse to Miracles for a 90-day evaluation and vet check.

 Please fill out this form or visit our contact page for information on how to get in touch if you have a horse you think would work for our program.