Behind the Scenes

Glimpses of horse-related activities at Miracles

There are lots of activities necessary to keep the Miracles herd happy and healthy.  The farrier has to trim their hooves regularly. New horses arrive and get introduced to the rest of the herd as well as to the work they will do as therapy horses. Here you can see some of what happens to keep the Miracles herd happy, healthy, and in shape.

Brett gets a bath. It is hot these days and the horses like the comfort of cool water and drying in front of a fan. Watch Brett get his monthly bath.

Cody the farrier trims the hooves of the Miracles horses. The horses all need the hooves trimmed regularly, and so Cody comes to Miracles each month to attend to our herd. It is especially important in the summer to keep the hooves well trimmed because the horses all stamp their feet to disturb the flies, and so they chip their hooves.

Blaze gets a summer shave. Blaze has lots of fur that is too warm for comfort in the Iowa summer. Watch as he gets a shave.