Horse Talk

We often wonder what our horses are saying. You provided some answers.

Being at Miracles in Motion has so many benefits, and one of those are the beautiful views on the horses in the pastures. We often see horses standing together and wonder what they are saying to one another. Are they congratulating themselves on having a wonderful home and meaningful work? Are they wondering what the new horse is up to? Are they talking about the weather? 

We are providing photos regularly for you to fill in the captions to tell us what our horses are saying. Send your captions to Miracles.

Lucky (left), Memphis (middle), and Shadow (behind Memphis)

Lucky: I'm bigger than you.
Memphis: No you're not.
Shadow: I want to play, too. - Luke

Remember when we break into the stable later, treats on the right, feed on the left. Grab the whole bucket - Pam

Shadow: It must be love at first sight - Larry

Raven and Aspen in the pasture.

Raven and Aspen

Raven: I didn't mean to lick your face!
Aspen: What don't you understand about social distancing? - Jenny

Raven: Aspen, look! I can go fast when I want to!
Aspen: Wait for meeee! - Sarah

Jasper (left) and Diamond observing Lucky (the small horse) and Zip.

Jasper and Diamond

Jasper: I’m hungry, it must be time to go in
Diamond: You’re always hungry and ready to go in! -- Tracy

Jasper: Hey Diamond, check out the new kids on the farm.
Diamond: Yeah, they’re just rookies here
Jasper: Right. We’ve got the seniority and all the right moves
Diamond: I suppose we have to train another pair of recruits.
Jasper: Yup. Here we go again!   -- Jackie 

“Ready, set, aim”, says the red horse (Diamond)
“Spare me”, says the black horse (Jasper)  -- Luke 

Jasper: I’ll take the small one’s tail.
Diamond: Okay, I’ll move around and distract the big one. -- Nancy