reduce anxiety, enhance confidence

The MVECS (Military Veterans Equine Care Squad) program is designed with the veteran in mind.  This program can also benefit the veteran’s family or partners who provide support and may also be experiencing challenges and changes. For that reason, we offer sessions for the veteran or for the veteran and a partner to work side by side in our program. The sessions can lead to creating an activity in which the entire family can participate, to reduce the sense of isolation and create a shared experience.

This 6-week program will match each veteran with a horse and according to their abilities, each veteran will learn about the horse’s anatomy and behaviors, how to groom, how to do groundwork, how to tack a horse and there will be a few sessions of riding lessons. This program is limited to U.S. veterans and is grant funded.

Each class is two hours long and limited to 4 students.

Call or send email if you are interested in attending MVECS classes.