Therapeutic Riding Classes

build strength and confidence 

Therapeutic riding classes focus on building strength and confidence for riders with social, motor, or other developmental challenges. On a horse, these children feel like "everyone else." They develop their skills at a remarkable rate. The changes seen on horseback carry over to other improvements in day-to-day life.

Note to riders, parents, and guardians:
This year we have been challenged with a shortage of PATH-certified instructors. Please be assured that we are working diligently to train and contract with additional instructors. This is a challenge because there are only 29 certified instructors in the state of Iowa, and we have contacted many of them. We do have an instructor in training and hope to identify another candidate soon, but training takes many months, so there is no quick solution to the shortage.

Weekly classes consist of 3-4 students, 6-15 volunteers, and a PATH (Professional Association for Therapeutic Horsemanship)-certified instructor. Each classes is 50 minutes long, starting at 6:00pm (to 6:50pm) or 7:00pm (to 7:50pm)

Classes are taught in the evenings according to the schedule below. Students are grouped according to age and ability, and are given goals provided by the instructor. Lesson plans are designed to provide students with the opportunity to succeed.

All the classes for the fall session are full. The 2019 schedule for therapeutic riding classes is:

Fall 3, 3 weeks, October 29-November 12.

Document and Scholarship Deadline

None at this time.

Scholarships are available for assistance with class fees.  


Get Started

All participants must apply with us before beginning classes. Classes will be filled on a first-come/first-served basis. We schedule classes based on age, abililty, experience, and need for assistance, as space becomes available. We have a rider weight limit of 200lbs. Please complete the following forms:

When you are finished, you can fax the forms to Miracles in Motion at  319-409-8353, email the forms to, or print the forms and send to: 

Miracles In Motion Therapeutic Equestrian Center
2049 120th Street NW
Swisher, IA 52338