About Miracles in Motion

over 35 years serving our community

Miracles in Motion has served hundreds of students over the years with a work force of over 300 volunteers and a herd of 10-15 horses and 3 minature horses. Our students come from Linn, Johnson, and other eastern Iowa counties, and consists of children and adults with physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges.  

As Iowa's first Premier Accredited Center, Miracles in Motion meets the highest standards for safety and therapy set forth by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH, formerly NARHA). PATH provides continuing education for staff and instructors.

Why us?

There's something magical about the transformation that occurs when we bring together the energy and spirit of horses with people in need. Confidence, comfort, strength, and community grow exponentially.

Our programs impact not only the student, but the entire family. The changes started at Miracles develop into new opportunities and hope.

We provide a safe zone for learning, trying new things, building—and sometimes even re-building—relationships and attitudes.

Board, Staff, & Instructors

Mission, Vision, Core Values

Mission: We foster personal achievement for persons facing challenges by providing diverse equine-assisted services with therapeutic, educational, and recreational benefits. 

Vision: We empower those facing challenges by creating opportunities to connect with the energy and spirit of the horse.

Core Values:
    • Compassion. We provide safe and ethical services for our participants and horses. We are compassionate partners in our participants’ journey.
    • Inclusion. We accept the dignity of our participants regardless of their background and respective needs. We value each of them.
    • Respect. We respect the participants' needs and empower them to reach their personal goals.
    • Achievement. We encourage participants to achieve their full potential and increase confidence, skills, and a sense of pride.

Michael (a veteran)

The six-week MVECS course is open to all people that have served in the United States military. At the beginning of the course, there were informal introductions and an explanation and guide booklet were presented to each participant. Then came the real fun, walking around among a group of horses. Believe it or not, one of those horses picks you to be a partner for the course.

The volunteers running the course were patient and attentive to the individual's needs in learning, grooming a horse, and preparing a horse for riding by setting up a saddle and fitting it to the horse. Instructions and assistance were given to those willing to ride.

And there was also the experience of performing groundwork with the horse, your partner.

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Overall, this was a great experience, one that I would do over given the opportunity.