Construction Information

There are always constructions plans.

2022 Construction Plans

There are always construction projects that need to be undertaken at Miracles. For 2022, we will be adding another automatic waterer, adding and replacing gutters, replacing the steps for the east side of the house and repairing the chimney on the house.  If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, please let us know! 

This April and May, Rinderknecht Construction came to build two new horse shelters. You can see horses using the shelter in the east pasture and the fininshed shelter in the hill pasture. At right are new steps to the Miracles office.

construction page.jpg  completed shelter for construction page.jpg  steps.jpg

Arena Addition

Construction of the Upmier Arena addition began in fall 2020. That project is now complete and the space is well used and much appreciated.

It’s hard to miss our progress!  No longer are you dodging potholes on the driveway – it’s been resurfaced! 

The pavilion has also been enclosed and stands ready to accommodate groups in a weather-protected space! 

The new addition to the arena has been finished! The bathroom is functional, heating and cooling operational, floor finished, an osmosis water system, viewing counter and trim installed.

It’s been a journey – thanks to all who helped along the way from the grant partners, donors, subcontractors, staff and volunteers. It’s truly been a team effort.