Our Facilities

an accessible haven offering equine-assisted therapy

Miracles in Motion owns 77 acres of land located near Swisher, Iowa. Indoor and outdoor arenas and a stable with 10 stalls round out the equestrian facility. There is a house on site, with the office located in the back.

Through grants, donors, and volunteers, a new outdoor arena and pavilion were added in 2006. In 2020, an addition was added to the arena and the pavilion was enclosed. 

The facility is totally accessible. The indoor arena features a unique mounting ramp with a lift that ensures safety and ease for riders getting on and off their horses. Saddles have peacock stirrups for safety; saddles and bareback pads are selected with the rider's skill level in mind. We use adaptive equipment in accordance with PATH standards to allow riders to make the best use of their abilities.

Our activities are performed in the following areas:

  • A weather-protected arena with sand footing and dust-reducing sprinkler system
  • A small outdoor arena
  • A large outdoor arena
  • A park-style enclosed pavilion for observation and gatherings
  • A completed trail with sensory stations
  • An addition to the Upmier arena with therapy room and accessible bathroom

Are you interested in helping?

Our volunteers maintain the beauty and functionality of the Miracles in Motion grounds. If you'd like to join the team, please call (319) 857-4141 or send us an email!

a volunteer

The most meaningful part of my Miracles experience was the transformation I saw in the special-needs riders that participated in the therapeutic riding programs. To watch the rider's confidence increase and to witness his joy was an intense emotional experience for his care providers, the volunteers, and myself. I have been a mental health therapist for 40 years. Seldom have I seen the profound joy that was experiences by all of us at Miracles.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in such an unexpectedly fulfilling experience. Admittedly, my initial motivation was to gain familiarity with horses, and at the same time, help out as a side-walker. I wasn't prepared for the emotional attachments to all those young riders, let alone a unique attachment to one particular rider. I realized that I'm not walking along side those kids, but rather walking along with them. Something happens inside as I hold on to them, feeling their struggles, their discomfort, and most familiar to me, their frustration.

Most uplifting, however, is sharing their joy, their laughter, and their sense of freedom and control.

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To watch the rider's confidence increase and to witness his joy was an intense emotional experience.