Goats and Sheep Grazing at Miracles

A pasture that had not been used recently became so overgrown that it was not safe to mow with the tractor. On August 3, goats and sheep from Twin Pine Farm came to forage and clean up the pasture. 

Save the Date for Boo in the Barn

The 3rd Annual Boo at the Barn will be helld on Saturday, October 26.

Newest MVECS Buckle Recipients, May 2019

On Sunday, May 5th, Miracles was extremely proud to present MVECS (Military Veterans Equine Care Squad) Buckles to two of our distinguished Veteran students.This presentation included a "first" for MVECS.Our first female recipient is Kim Phillips. Rodney Brewer and Kim both received the MVECS Buckle. 

Our buckle program is for those who want to really "buckle" down and show their interest in horses.They are required to complete the class, volunteer at least 25 hours at the farm and pass an extensive written and practical test with a score of at least 95%.Much like a skills badge in the military, this is something that must be EARNED.Less than 1/3 of our students have actually earned the right to wear the buckle and they do so with pride.

Both of our students are Army vets.The buckles were presented by Ken Manley, founder of the MVECS program.

Left to right: Director of Operations, Maddie Lebben; MVECS graduate, Kim Phillips; MVECS Coordinator, Ken Manley; MVECS graduate, Rodney Brewer; past MVECS graduate and board member, TJ West; President of the Miracles Board, Lois James
Meet Kim, MVECS's first woman graduate. We are so pleased that she has agreed to donate her time and support for our next MVECS class with Ken Manley.
Rodney Brewer receives his  MVECS buckle from Ken Manley.

New Website

As you can see, Miracles in Motion has a new website. We hope you can easily find what you are looking for and enjoy the easy-to-read layout.

Boo at the Barn 2018

The sun was shining and Miracles in Motion was the scene of a great gathering of people enjoying the 2nd annual Boo at the Barn on Saturday, October 27. Thanks to everyone who came, everyone who volunteered, and all the sponsors. Look at all the happy faces, costumes, and activities at the event.

Miracles in Motion Highlighted

Lois James (right), president of the Miracles board, on Mediacom Newsleaders:



My daughter, who has Down syndrome, has been riding with Miracles in Motion for several years.

It is amazing that working to ride and care for a horse is not only therapeutic but also improves her skills and development. Through Miracles, we have seen her muscle tone, coordination, attention, and speech improve.

The great strides in endurance and strength have enabled her to participate more in her peers' activities of running, jumping, and playing.

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We have seen her muscle tone, coordination, attention, and speech improve.