Barn Construction

Check the Construction/Next Installment page for information about the new barn and its progress.

FSB Sponsors Website and Newsletter

Many thanks to Farmers State Bank for renewing their sponsorship of Miracles for 2024! FSB is sponsoring our website and newsletter, allowing us to continue providing vital information, updates and transparency about our nonprofit organization and programming to our community.

As a locally owned community bank, FSB takes pride in giving back to the community in which they live and work. FSB supports a variety of local community enrichment programs, donor-dependent charitable organizations, and numerous informational and educational programs — donations totaling more than $200,000 each year!

In addition to their financial commitment, FSB employees volunteer more than 5,000 hours of their time each year in numerous ways to many organizations, with the purpose of improving the quality of life in our communities. FSB has offices in Marion, Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, Tiffin, and Alburnett. 

Miracles in Motion is pleased to be a part of Farmers State Bank’s tradition of community investment and improvement again this year. Thank you, FSB!

Miracles Staff and Vet Win Regional Awards

Each year PATH member centers are invited to nominate individuals for several different awards. This year both Nick Andeway, property manager at Miracles in Motion and nominee for Equine Caretaker of the Year and Jim McNutt, DVM and nominee for Veterinarian of the Year, were selected as the winners for Region 7. Both Nick and Jim were honored at the Region 7 annual meeting in February 2024 and they will be considered for those awards at the national level.

PATH, Professional Association for Therapeutic Horsemanship, is the credentialling agency for Miracles in Motion. 


Thoughts about Jet, a beloved horse who died suddenly at the end of 2023.


Regardless of age or circumstance, we never have enough time with our horses. For many of us, Jet was one of the most special Miracles’ horse, greeting you in the field, approaching you when called, nickering and whinnying with greeting.

He was extremely hard-working, even-tempered and patient. This made him an ideal horse in all of our programs and a favorite to many of our riders. The white question mark blaze on his face helped many identify him. His gentle ways won over even the most timid riders. 

Jet was hard-working, even when he’d rather be out in the pasture with his buddies. A regular in Adaptive Riding and Hippotherapy, he gave his all to each class and shared his heart with each rider. Jet knew how to connect, how to strengthen each rider, how to heal. Not all horses have that power. Jet was a true ambassador to the mission of Miracles.

You can make a donation to honor Jet.


Thanks for all you do. This has been such a great program for Hazel and you have amazing people who make it possible!

We are truly blessed to have been a part of this program and hope it’s just the beginning of a new regular, she loves it so much!

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This has been such a great program for Hazel and you have amazing people who make it possible!