Volunteer Your Time and Talent

your help makes Miracles possible

Miracles in Motion is fueled by the passion and dedication of over 300 volunteers each year. Our support network is varied and full of friendly faces.

You can join us! No matter what your skills or experience level when it comes to horses, we're always looking for people to help keep Miracles running. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to volunteer in any horse-related activity.

What do our volunteers do?

We can use help in a wide variety of areas, some of them having nothing to do with horses.

As a Miracles volunteer, you might:

  • support our adaptive riding program though direct interaction with students during therapy and riding experiences
  • assist with the horses
  • manage volunteer coordination
  • work on upkeep of the grounds

Get Started

All volunteers must first apply, then complete a training session. We train volunteers to become side walkers, barn assisstants, and horse leaders for hippotherapy sessions and adaptive riding classes. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out an application now and we will contact you with training information.

To begin, first complete the volunteer application using the button below:

Training Dates and Information


There are no training sessions for side walkers, horse leads, or barn assistants at this time. If you would like to be trained to do morning or evening chores, complete the volunteer application (link above) and mark that you want to do chores. The volunteer coordinator will contact you about a training date and time.

Additional Resources


Already a volunteer? Access your account here.

Read the Volunteer Manual

A Parent

My daughter had an absolute blast learning to ride. This was a great experience for her and she has all ready asked to do it again in the spring.

I had read how horses are great for kids. So I wanted you to know how great it was for me also to see her out having a good time.

This was so much more than learning to ride and trying new things for her. It was also healing and therapeutic.

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I want to tell every one of the wonderful volunteers and staff, thank you.